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tie fighter wire outline

The First Order’s TIE fighters are incredibly nimble, beyond swift, and unquestionably a force to be reckoned with due to their impressive weapons and engines. From skilled human pilots to droid operators, these remarkable starfighters can traverse space with maximum speed and precision.

Crafted for nimble strikes, TIE fighters are outfitted with powerful twin ion engines that give them remarkable speed and agility. Despite this, they are quite fragile in design and highly vulnerable to attack.

The First Order boasts two distinct factions of TIE fighters, which have been specially equipped to ensure maximum combat efficiency. These are the TIE/fo, the standard model – which features two laser cannons, and the advanced TIE/sf, with a single heavier laser cannon and accompanying missile launcher.

In foursomes or larger swarms, TIE fighters take to the sky, forming fortifying formations and offering mutual defense. Assaulting their adversaries, their shows of sheer strength comes from the sheer volume of crafts.

Lira Wessex and her squad of engineers from Sienar Fleet Systems created the Imperial Destroyer, the TIE/D Defender, inspiring the name for future generations of starfighters. The first round of TIEs were produced by Sienar, and later production was undertaken by Kuat Drive Yards.

During the heat of an interstellar battle, the unmistakable whine of TIE fighters soaring through the sky can be heard above the clamor – a sound like no other due to its distinct engine.

The TIE fighter is the shining symbol of the First Order’s power, sure to produce an intimidating effect on any battlefield.

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